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How To Know Which Product Key Was Used In Microsoft Office 2016

Windows 10 and Office 2016

Windows 10 and Office 2016 have been on the market for 3 years by now.

Windows 8.1 or earlier PC, so the update guidance that I think it is a trap, there are many people who have been introduced. I have been asked to introduce a pre-installed dozens or touch, but there are many discoveries about the changes. Today is an article about the changes in office 2016 (which is strictly a change from the time of 2013).

New points for Office 2016

When you look at the Office 2016 Web site, the new features include items such as “easier to collaborate” and “pursuit of ease of use.” But what I thought was newer is that “media sales such as DVDs were discontinued and only POSA (card type) was sold.” If you are using Office preinstalled on a personal computer, but I do not think that, such as those who want to put the two computers you are using, you will be purchased in this form.

Managing multiple Licenses

You want to install Office 2016 on three PCs. Because you can install it on two computers with one card (if the users are the same), if you have three computers, you will need two cards. The back of the card has a shaved with coins, the product key comes out and cut. I installed it on a PC using the product key.

Dandy Dandy. But six months later, you purchased another computer. I have one of the four licenses I bought six months ago, so I want to use it. But I have forgotten which card has the extra license.

So how do you know which licenses are left over?

How To Activate Office 2016 With Product Key?

Is there a way to know the product key?

If you have a little experience with computers, you might think, “I just need to start an Office application and look at my account,” and if you have more experience, you might think, “Just look at the registry.”

But, as long as I asked for support, I can’t seem to know which product key was used in that way.

The reason for this is that in Office 2016, the product key on the card and the product key used for installation (internally) are separate. What I mean is that the following figure.

Posa Card back Product key Used to add Office 2016 to your Microsoft account
The product key for your Microsoft account Used to install Office 2016 on a PC

When I heard this, I was upset with “What should I do?”, but it really helped me to understand what I mean and how to do it. All that’s needed is to know the Office product key added to your Microsoft account and see if it’s the same as the product key installed on your PC.

How to know your Office 2016 product key?

How do I know the product key from my Microsoft account?

The installation of Office 2016 starts with your Microsoft account, where you register the product key that came out of the coin.

If you register two, you should get a screen like this. If you want to go to the scene later, you should be able to click “My Account” from the Office Web site.

Then click Install from disk in the Office field where you want to know the internal product key.

You’ll see a screen like this. I omit the description, but as mentioned above, there is no media provision in office 2016, but it is possible to install it from media by burning it to the media by oneself first.

You can see the product key for installation on this screen. Click if you have a disk. (“Burn to Disc” is also possible.)

Press the “Show Product Key” button.

The product key will be displayed. This is the product key that I mentioned earlier that is used for installation (which I can’t see recorded on my Computer).

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