Microsoft Office

Install and activate Microsoft Office 2016 on your Mac

To ensure that your installation goes smoothly, you must first uninstall an earlier version of Office for Mac 2011. See How to completely remove Office for Mac 2011.

Step 1: Download (choose the version that suits you)

Suite Install (Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Outlook / OneNote / MAU) 15.35.0 [170610] 64-bit

Word Standalone 15.35.0 [170610] 64-bit

Excel Standalone 15.35.0 [170610] 64-bit

PowerPoint Standalone 15.35.0 [170610] 64-bit

Outlook Standalone 15.35.0 [170610] 64-bit

OneNote Standalone 15.35.0 [170610] 64-bit

Microsoft AutoUpdate (MAU) 3.9.1 [170603] 64-bit

To download more Version of Office 2016 Setup Files, please go here:

Step 2: Activate

method 1: by activator

Once installed, exit the Office app completely, open Office for Mac 2016 License Installer.pkg (v2016.license) and activate.

method 2: using product key

If this activation tool fails, you can choose to activate by purchasing the product key online.

Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016 for Mac Product Key

The activation of Microsoft Office 2016 requires the product key to be tied to the Microsoft account. So you need to sign up and sign in to Office.

  1. On the Office setup page, enter your 25-character product key
  2. Click Install to download the installation file.
  3. Once Office is installed, You will be prompted to sign in to activate Office.